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Product Parameters:

Model : WTY5180TXSE5

Overall dimension8710×2490×3050Cleaning efficiency≧98%
Chassis No.DFH1180BX1VInhalation size Diameter110mm
Max.weight18000KGDustbin unloading Angle≧50°
Overall G.W.11300KGGarbage box Volume7㎡
Max.cleaning width4.1MSweep speed3-15km/h
Max.operating capacity87500㎡/hSweep speed15-25km/h

WTY5180TSLE5 type dust free sweeper truck

The truck is based on the city PM2.5 control requirement, a new kind of a Environment-friendly dust free dry cleaning truck. the cleaning method of not causing raising dust and cleaning completely,sunny dry work, rain wet sweeping sweeping vehicles, not only solve the dust problem, but also to solve the problem of the pure suction road sweepers can not clean the garbage on the edge of the road, to fill gaps at domestic and abroad. It is suitable for mechanized cleaning operation of highway, ring road, city main road, airport and wharf. It is especially suitable for dry area and winter cleaning operation.



Main performance and characteristics:

Operation of humanization, control switch concentrated in the truck cab, all operations can be completed in the air conditioning truck cab.

The use of the home in the two sweep brush + center wide suction cup + built-in sweep of the working device layout, sweep brush can be close to the road along the cleaning operations, sweep brush with anti-collision automatic reset function, and left and right sweep can be independent or Linkage operations, to meet customer requirements for different sections of the operation

Sunny day, rainy day cleaning operation duct conversion damper, regardless of rainy days and cold winter can be working.

Pneumatic conveying dust removal device, the primary through the pneumatic diversion, in the trash to achieve gravity dust, two for the cyclone centrifugal dust, three dust filter for the filter group automatically control the dust, high efficiency, reliable, continuous operation.

Full float rolling chuck, the suction cup and the chassis with a number of degrees of freedom to connect with the ground conditions automatically leveling, to keep the suction cup and ground suction air gap, sucker rear set sweeping system, cleaning ability, fast, No residue.

Sweep efficient dust cover, an effective solution to the dry sweeping machine cleaning operations dust problem.

Chassis, dual-machine dual-power hydraulic system: unloading without need to start the auxiliary engine, and failure in the auxiliary engine to be repaired, the main engine can work, referring to the speed of maintenance operations to reduce the maintenance staff labor intensity

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