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Product Parameters:


Road cleaning sweeper truck

Overall dimension(L×W×H)8710×2490×3050Cleaning efficiency≧98%
Chassis No.DFH1180BX1V()Inhalation size Diameter110mm
Max.weight18000KGWater box volume9㎡
Overall G.W.11600KGGarbage box Volume7㎡
Max.cleaning width4.1MSweep speed3-20km/h
Max.operating capacity7000㎡/hdischarging angle≧50°

The truck is based on Dongfeng second class chassis DFH1180BX1V, a new kind of a clean and environmentally friendly set of washing, cleaning, sewage collection in one multi-function washing truck . the truck can complete the cleaning of high pressure washing and garbage collection in one operation , not only to solve the traditional road cleaning machine dust problems, while achieving the road pavement and curb facade of the scrub, fill the gaps at domestic and abroad. It is suitable for cleaning of urban road pavement and curb facade, and can recycle sewage cleaning and so on.

Main performance and characteristics

Operating humanization: the cab with one-click operation Intelligent electronic control system ,the color display always monitoring the side of the body and the back of the operating results.

Adopted "Mid coexistence sweep + Mid wide sucker of inner high pressure water spray rod + Mid high side spray rod" of the working device arrangement: The left and right sprays are integrated with suckers, rise and fall at the same time, sweeping bush can be operated close to the road  , Brush and left and right sprays have anti-collision avoidance and automatic reset function

Multi-function operation mode:The model has whole  wash and sweep  ,left wash and sweep , the right wash  and sweep, whole wash,  left wash, right wash , whole sweep, right sweep, left sweep .and other nine kinds of operating mode ,users according to different road conditions to choose.


Two sets of water spray system, water spray system is divided into high pressure and low pressure ,High-pressure water spraying system is mainly used to clean the road and spray dust。low pressure water spray system has a three - bend shower nozzle to flush the road.


Mid-double suction super-wide sucker :The suction disk is connected to the chassis with multiple degrees of freedom, with ground condition automatically leveling to maintain the nozzle and the ground suction air gap . at the same time, the suction nozzle is equipped with a long row of spray rod, which can directly deliver sewage to the suction port and no residue on the ground


Multiple automatic protection devices: equipped with water shortage in clear water tank garbage box full of water , anti-tilting unloading before opening the garbage back door ,anti-the auxiliary gear is operated with a pneumatic toothed clutch protection Protection against the pole did not put down the recovery has been tilted and other automatic protection device.

Structure optimized dustbin:Use stainless steel material, inner wall is smooth, frame-less, corrosion resistance, no waste, large volume and continuous cleaning operation time is long, garbage equips with high pressure nozzle With functions of automatic high-pressure cleaning, keep clean in the box.

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