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We product the  Foton Tractor Truck、6*4,4*2,with Cummins Engine、ZF steering device、Fast Gearbox、Mercedes-Bens Bridge,High load (20T-100T) 、Fuel saving、Light weight、Reliability。

Industry The general distribution of the transport Total mass of traction 35-60
Horse Power 350-430 Emission standards EuroⅢ/Ⅳ/Ⅴ
Engine Cummins/Weichai(WP) Wheelbase 3600
Tire specification Tubeless/Radial tire Driving form 4X2
Transmission case FAST 12/16Speed Oil tank material Aluminum
Department 6/9 Seris Clutch Valeo、Sachs
Axle Bens/Str Two-stage deceleration

485 deceleration

Function The general type semi hanger tractor.Suitable for Heavy type transportation. The goods are mainly for agricultural and sideline products, daily use, light industrial products, raw materials, containers and so on.
Min.Order 1 Unit/Unit
FOB Price 34000-48000
Supply Ability 25-35days per unit
Port Tianjin
Payment Terms L/C,T/T
Company Instruction FOTON  was founded on 18 February, 2012.which ranking first of global commercial vehicle sales.The investment of FOTON DAIMLER is RMB 9.9506 billion Yuan.It mainly produces medium and heavy-duty trucks of “FOTON AUMAN” brand; Production capacity is 200 thousand/year.
The joint venture will produce 45000 number of Mercedes-Benz OM457 engine for heavy-duty trucks. The engine meets emission standard licensed by Daimler, and the engine power is up to 490hp.
Key cooperative brand Cummins 、ZF Friedrichshafen、Benz、BOSCH、DAIMLER、FAST、Valeo
Product characteristics Comfort:
1.Benz benchmarked, spacious cab, extension by 100~200mm respectively in length, width and height in comparison with similar vehicle types ; fit for all kinds of drivers’ stature
2.Adoption of brand-new high-level vehicle-body die, digitalized manufacturing , optimized NVH policies, good air tightness, low noise;
3.Independent hot source: GTL independent heat source able to supply the heat source with engine not running, saving energy.
1.Adoption of Cummins or Weichai engines, Fast or ZF transmission, Valeo clutch, ZF steering gear, WABCO brake elements, with reliable quality of parts.
2.TL has strictly conducted the reliability test on the parts, system and whole vehicle, with bench test on parts and systems accumulated over 50thousand h. Though 6-round trial tests on the more than 100 vehicles and with accumulated travel mileage over 5 mileage km.
3.The average mileage before initial failure and mileage of average failure intervals exceed the 8000km stipulated by the in-sides by 20% or more, hitting to 10000km.
1.Adoption of platform and modulization designs, use of new materials to decrease the self weight.
2.Optimized design, fine castings, reinforced thinning frame and steel plate etc, light weighting, higher loading capacity, more saving energy.
1.Braking safety: equipped with ABS+ASR, 22.5 disc brake, hand brake of trailer, braking safety and effective; exhaust brake, Jacobs auxiliary brake and hydraulic retarder could enhance the safety during downhill traveling; brake system fits for the regulations from developed countries such as Western European, Japan, south Korea and Australia.
2.Vehicle body safety: Frame structure, vehicle body and vehicle doors meet the ECE R29 Euro Impact Act; front-lower guard, side guard and rear guard also meet the ECE R93 Front Under-Run Protector, effectively protecting other road users. In addition, the whole vehicle passes the strictly EU ECE certification.
3.Fuel system safety: fuel system is of resistance to the leakage, static electricity, meeting the EU 70/221/EEC regulations and requirements


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